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Zwell Great sleepZ

Zwell Great sleepZ Fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night with 100% drug-free Zwell Great sleepZ. Crucial for physical and mental health, if you have difficulty falling and staying asleep, solve this problem in a safe and natural way with this product.
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60 capsules/bottle
NPN # 80007358


Key Benefits At A Glance:

  • Highest purity, pharmaceutical grade melatonin available
  • Potency consistent in every single tablet
  • 100% drug-free and non-habit forming
  • "Time Release" proprietary formulation ensures melatonin is released over 6 – 8 hours, ensuring you stay asleep all night long

Detailed Description:

Sleep is the key restorative part of our daily life cycle. Everyone should sleep from seven to nine hours per night regardless of age, according to Edward L. Schneider, MD, dean of the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

What are the effects of poor sleep?

As anyone who has suffered even mild insomnia can tell you, it is hard to exaggerate the effects of poor sleep.  Sleeping less than seven hours weakens immunity and increases the risk of depression, falls and accidents, may cause mood swings, and increases fatigue.  Further, lack of sleep can also lead to raised blood pressure, headaches, increased appetite, an increase in inflammatory markers in the blood stream, and weight gain due to increased production of cortisol.  According to a study published in the Lancet Medical Journal chronic sleep deprivation may speed the onset or increase the severity of age-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and memory loss(1).


What factors contribute to good or poor sleep?

Both quality and quantity of sleep is crucial for physical and mental health, and both can become more difficult to achieve in senior years.  Many factors affect sleep, such as stress, environment (noise, temperature, light), along with physiological processes that signal the body to fall asleep.  When it comes to our natural sleep rhythms, the key natural substance promoting sleep in humans is a chemical messenger in the brain called melatonin (known as the "hormone of darkness") which is secreted into the blood during darkness, by the pineal gland.  Melatonin tells the body that it is time to sleep or - when levels drop off – time to wake up.  The amount of melatonin naturally produced by the pineal gland declines with age and this is reported to be one of the reasons older people often have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night.

Zwell sleepZ provides the purest, pharmaceutical grade melatonin available, in tablets that are tested for consistent potency so that you get the same results from each and every one. Designed with a proprietary formula, the melatonin in Zwell sleepZ releases slowly and consistently into the body over a 6-8 hour period, ensuring you fall asleep naturally and stay asleep all night long.

Zwell sleepZ is a 100% natural and non-habit forming solution for insomnia.


Key Ingredients:

Each tablet contains:

Melatonin………………3 mg

In a proprietary-designed polymeric base formulated to release over a 6 to 8 hour period.

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Recommended Use And Dose:

Helps increase the total sleep time (aspect of sleep quality) in people suffering from sleep restriction or altered sleep schedule e.g. shift work and jet lag. Helps relieve the daytime fatigue associated with jet lag. Helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, (sleep onset latency aspect of sleep quality) in people with delayed sleep phase syndrome. Helps reset the body's sleep-wake cycle (aspect of the circadian rhythm).

 Adults (over 18), take one tablet 1 hour before bedtime, or as recommended by your health care provider.

Warnings And Contraindications:

  • Not to be taken by individuals under the age of 18.
  •  If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any prescription medication (especially hormone replacement therapy), or have an autoimmune or depressive disorder consult a physician before using this product.
  • Do not use before or while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.
  • If morning drowsiness occurs, reduce dosage.

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The Lancet October 23, 1999, 354:1435-1439.

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Notice: The products and information found on www.zwell.ca are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment.  These statements have been evaluated by Health Canada but have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at this point.  Our natural health supplements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.  Individual results may vary.  For the complete disclosure statement click here.

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