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Organic Roasted Dandelion Root - Herbal Tea

Organic Roasted Dandelion Root - Herbal Tea Gets the juices flowing, gently stimulates the liver and supports healthy digestion.


$5.29 Naturally Caffeine Free Herbal Tea
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Natural Botanical 3-In-1 Insect Repellent – Botanec

Natural Botanical 3-In-1 Insect Repellent – Botanec An effective, DEET-free, toxin free, moisturizing, pH-balanced, botanical insect repellent that is gentle, safe, and effective for children and adults, and has a cool, refreshing citrus scent.
$19.95 4 fl oz (119ml)/can
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Key Benefits At A Glance:

  • Your Safe, Natural Alternative to Toxic Bug Repellent Chemicals (like Deet).
  • Includes a moisturizing, pH-balanced, gentle, safe, and effective for children and adults.
  • Has a cool, refreshing citrus scent.
  • It is not only Safe for both children and adults … but Safe for the Environment too.

Product Description:

When it comes to enjoying time outdoors, too many of us quickly reach for the pervasive DEET-based insect repellents… containing suspect, unhealthy, to downright harmful chemicals… to keep the bugs from biting.
• You worry about your family’s health and safety.
• You shop for fresh, local, and organic produce, when possible.
• You check for preservatives and additives in your food.
• You read labels looking for artificial ingredients.
• You’ve started using natural cleansers and detergents to care for the environment.

Great! We are with you on all of that.

What if you could keep annoying, biting, disease-carrying insects away naturally? What if you and your friends and family could play, work, and enjoy the outdoors bug-bite free?

Well, you can!

You can enjoy an effective, DEET-free insect repellent that is also moisturizing, pH-balanced, gentle, safe, and effective for children and adults, and that has a cool, refreshing citrus scent… It’s called Botanec’s Natural Botanical Insect Repellent.

Why does the Environmental Protection Agency caution about frequent use of DEET?

Consider this… DEET – N,N-Diethyl-meta-Toluamide – is a toxic chemical that can cause rashes, skin irritation, numb or burning lips, nausea, headaches, dizziness and difficulty concentrating in some people. It has also been linked to death and reproductive disorders. It is known that chemicals placed on the skin can be absorbed and enter the bloodstream. Many countries even place a restriction on how much concentration of DEET can be used, although 100% concentrations are still being sold. The Environmental Working Group reports use restrictions and toxicity of DEET, and also unsafe findings and a ban on its use in cosmetics. Is DEET bad for you? The answer is not totally clear, but even the National Institutes of Health has significant concerns.

Why wait to find out? Now you have an alternative – a natural, effective, DEET-free alternative.

Imagine just how sensational you’ll feel when you are enjoying the great outdoors while knowing you are doing what’s best for you and your family!

Developed by Your Neighbor

The Natural Botanical Insect Repellent’s unique formula was developed by a husband and father living by the Chesapeake Bay in humid, muggy – and buggy – Maryland. Where days are spent on the beach and in the water and evenings are spent entertaining in the back yard – playing Frisbee and croquet and cooking on the barbeque.

But that outdoor time on the beautiful Bay (like so many other places) means battling the relentless attack of mosquitoes, flies, and other biting insects.

Faced with two choices: 1) hiding inside all summer and missing out on the all the fun; or 2) dealing with chemical-laden repellents that are nearly as dangerous to our health as the disease-carrying insect bites we’re trying to keep away, he made a decision that would change his, his family’s, and his friends and neighbors’ lives forever.

There was no way he and his family were going to miss out on the outdoor fun, so he set out to formulate his own 100% natural insect repellent.

And what he created was a moisturizing and botanical-based insect repellent that also helps reduce redness, pain, and swelling from sunburn while keeping those pesky mosquitoes at bay. The pleasant-smelling result was suddenly in high-demand by family and friends. So what is it?

It’s a unique blend of natural botanicals that work like a charm! The main ingredient is a premium form of witch hazel, which contains incredibly soothing and cleansing properties; as well as aloe vera, palm extracts, vegetable glycerin, and natural insect repelling essential oils. Finally, the combination was infused with allantoin, which is a skin protectant and natural moisturizer that reduces skin irritation from any existing bites and stings.

This proprietary mix of natural ingredients does triple duty, in fact. It repels biting insects. It acts like a first aid spray to help heal minor cuts, burns, scrapes, and some plant-based rashes. And, it can be used as a safe and effective hand sanitizer while camping and during picnics.

Your Safe, Natural Alternative to Toxic Bug Repellent Chemicals

By sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, Botanec’s Natural Botanical Insect Repellent can offer you the safe, gentle, and effective alternative you’ve been searching for.

You work hard nurturing a healthy body and creating a safe environment for yourself and your family. You deserve a company and a product that feels the same way.

With Botanec’s Natural Botanical Insect Repellent you’ll know that you’ve chosen a safe, effective, gentle insect repellent that delivers hours of natural and healthy protection – building a barrier against those annoying, biting insects. Plus, you’ll be moisturizing your skin as you keep the bugs from biting.

Safe for You… Safe for the Environment

Botanec™ recognizes the value and importance of being responsible to each of our customers, and to the environment we share. We only create products that are botanically derived, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and environmentally sustainable!

You never have to worry about what you are putting on your skin, where it came from, or how it will affect the environment with Botanec products.

Our DEET-free insect repellent is completely natural, effective, and pleasant to use. Plus, the non-greasy formula can be sprayed directly on your clothing without staining. The simple pump dispenser allows for easy control so you spray exactly what you want, where you want – unlike aerosol sprays that put off fumes and spray everywhere. And it leaves no residue on skin or clothes.

Now you can feel good as you protect yourself and your children safely.

Before heading out to enjoy the great outdoors, be sure to use Botanec’s Natural Botanical Insect Repellent. Keep it in your backpack, purse, first aid kit and medicine cabinet. Share it with your neighbors, your family, and your friends.

This hypoallergenic formula is safe and effective for children and adults – however, to be ultra-safe, it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Remember, Botanec’s Natural Botanical Insect Repellent brings you outdoor protection from biting insects that is:

  • Safe and effective for both children and adults
  • DEET-free
  • Moisturizing
  • Sweat-proof
  • pH-balanced
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty-free
  • All natural
  • Made from botanical ingredients
  • Pleasant, natural citrus fragrance

It’s time you join thousands of others who are already benefitting from Botanec’s Natural Botanical Insect Repellent – your alternative to DEET. Order yours today…

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

I want to feel good about the insect repellent I use to protect myself and my family… Rush my Order of Botanec’s Natural Botanical Insect Repellent.

Be Safe Now … Be Safe Later

Think about this for just a moment… biting insects can carry diseases such as West Nile virus, Dengue virus… even Malaria. And you are considering using a toxic insect repellent to keep these disease-carrying insects away?

So, you are willing to risk your health with your insect repellent in order to avoid risking your health to a biting insect? It doesn’t make sense… especially when

Botanec’s Natural Botanical Insect Repellent offers you a safe, effective, eco-friendly alternative!

Recommended by a leading doctor

Deep in the tropics, mosquitos rule. Thanks to Botanec’s Natural Insect Repellent, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of not being eaten alive on the infested “mosquito coasts” on recent trips . The formula’s essential oils get the job done naturally without the chemicals!! No bites, no DEET-what’s not to love?” – Dr. Marcus Laux, ND


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